Thursday, December 20, 2012

SHINE From Within

I know I tend to start a few of my blog posts with, “I’m so excited to….” but I really am super-duper excited about this one.  And if you have met me then you would know that my ‘excited’ is not like a crazy school girl screaming and carrying on – I’m a pretty chilled out kind of girl so I promise there is no screaming.  Just a really big happy smile…
I’m excited because I’ve just launched a brand new business that brings over a decade of work, life experience and all the things I love together in to one amazing place.  It’s called SHINE From Within and is dedicated to helping young women realise their unique beauty, giving them the tools and confidence to shine bright in the world.
SHINE From Within will be offering a personal development course in January 2013, called SHINE Summer School as well as a Model Masterclass, both here on the Sunshine Coast.  I have a stellar team of teachers and advisors on board which have ensured that there is no other course offered quite like a SHINE course.
What really sets SHINE apart is the holistic approach to the training.  I believe that self-love and self-worth go hand-in-hand with looking great, feeling great and being the very best version of yourself. 
Even the skin care and make up products used during the course are organic, natural and Australian made.  The courses will be catered by the Natural Food Store cafe, who have put together a menu for the 3 and 5 day courses packed full of organic, vegan and gluten-free delights.
So if you know of a young girl, aged 13 – 18 living on the Sunshine Coast who would love a week of fun, self-improvement, a boost in confidence, communication & job interview skills and the tools to present herself the best way to show off her unique beauty then please do send them my way.  The SHINE Summer School is the perfect all-rounded course to help get her ready to take responsibility and create her dream life!
If you know of any girls that have that ‘look’ and could kill it as a fashion model, then the Model Masterclass is for them.  I have incredible teachers lined up from around Australia, including international models, a highly-acclaimed fashion photographer, TV director and more ready to pass on their wisdom and knowledge.  And just like the SHINE Summer School, it is all taught in a nurturing and holistic environment.
For all of the details, please check out the website or feel free to get in touch with me here. 


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